At CiTC we specialize in the sourcing and delivery of military supplies such as operational gear and spare parts for fighter jets, tanks, trucks, helicopters boats
and other vehicles.
In short—we keep things running.

Product Sourcing

With over 13 million parts listed as national stock numbers for military supplies it can be often difficult to get the right parts on time.
We source for you—on time and on budget.

We source and deliver spare parts for helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, operational gear, boats and more.

Special Products

CiTC offers many special products such as surveillance and defense products used by armed forces, airports and/ or other government entities. Please call us for your product requests.

Surveillance— perimeter breach protection

Video Surveillance

Defense—non lethal Laser weapons

All Terrain ATV—boarder patrol


With offices in 9 countries and multiple warehouse locations we can ship your products to your destination. Our products are packed according to military specifications.
We deliver from door to door -on time every time.