Rolling Rescue Shield

Rolling Rescue implements the patented technology of McCurdy’s Armor, a modular and mobile armored wall system. This protection has been used in the battlefield and is now available to protect civilians, police and others that are in harm’s way.

Rolling Rescue Shield applications and benefits

CITC is pleased to introduce Rolling RescueTM for use in facility security, active shooter situations, checkpoints and anywhere else protection is needed.

The shield can be used for:
– Static protection at building entrance security checkpoints
– Protection when responding to active situations within your facility
– Law Enforcement Response Teams
– Protection at vehicle entry points

– Lower costs
– Better mobility
– Robust wheels for rugged terrain
– Run flat wheels
– Superior protection, especially against multi-hit
– Sections easily replaced if damaged
– Collapsible design is also available for ease of transport and storage
– Optional LED strobe lights